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Out of Time - media arts in the classroom - Taos Municipal Schools

Out of Time


Stop action animation

Animated Title


UNM-Taos Media Arts Program learning media literacy by doing video production

Taos Tales, Taos Tells


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Education-Support Services

Multimedia Arts Program Development-Implementation


Classes - Workshops - Intensive Training in multimedia production, digital filmmaking, media arts-literacy, STEM arts & life skills


Tymely Productions - media arts educational services

view - making of short - UNM-Taos Class Project


Collaborative Leaning

Participants sharpen key life skills, develop a more functional media literacy, creatively learn real life applications for core disciplines, while having fun producing multimedia projects. Participants are given the opportunity to become more effective storytellers through understanding the tools, styles and traditions/nature of storytelling.

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Class Projects


Roosters in the Roundhouse - documentary video short - Santa Fe Community College

Documentary Short


Santa Fe Community College Class Project Reflections



Anansi Charter School - informational video

Anansi Charter School's video


Life on the Rift